Thursday, 1 December 2011

Table Coasters

A coaster is a type of small table rugs placed under a container to protect a tabletop or other surface underneath. Coasters shield table ends from damage caused due to hot dishware, water rings or scratches. Apart from its useful utility of defending table surface, coasters are also an ornamental table fashion accessory. There are many styles and types of table coasters existing including hand-woven, hand dyed, blown up coasters as well as coasters printed.

These are round and the middle is thick rope that looks like it’s plaited while the edges are a nice curved design.The finish will be somewhat uneven as it is made from banana fiber but overall a very artistic piece. They are light and easy to sustain as attractive much anything can be cleaned off using a wet cloth. 

Coasters, particularly the cotton ones are available in huge choice of colors and shapes. Designs and patterns are given by using various techniques such as needlework, fabric-painting, applique work etc. Manufacturers of table linens have set up a wide range of enchantment binding coasters that have long been be grateful ford for their beauty and designs. Modern coasters such as paper and cap coaster too have different designs including prints, stamped photos etc.

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