Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Chair Design

Chairs have developed extremely for thousands of years, as they changed from being a sign of state and self-respect, to an item of usual use.
Chair design reflect on intentional usage, ergonomics that is how comfortable it is for the occupier, as well as non-ergonomic useful requirements such as size, stack ability, fold ability, weight, toughness, stain conflict and creative design.

In this article, we’ll go away their function to the side and take seem at chairs purely from an creative point of view.

Maybe more than any other type of chair, rockers have convinced educational relatives as a furniture type – they are conventionally complex, featuring twisted-wood elements and many pieces cut and robust into one another along mortise-and-tendon gatherings. From the narrow outline to the jumping lines and plywood styling, this is whatever thing but your normal rocking chair design. And yes, this design rocks.
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Curtain Tassels

Curtain Tassels add a flash of originality in inner craze design with the right option of resources, agreement of colors and initiative of designs; we can give you with beautiful collection of over a large design in Tassels.
Curtain Tie Backs from caption ribbon, which gives a creased effect, are very easy to make and need no pattern. They need 2.5 times the over length and the pleats can be improved with hand cover to generate a smocking effect. These tiebacks are model to side up with Smocked Curtains. Curtain Tie Backs from caption ribbon, which gives a creased effect, are very easy to make and need no stencil. They need 2.5 times the complete length and the pleats can be better with hand cover to create a smocking effect. These tiebacks are best to join up with Smocked Curtains.
It is a tassel bind back in viscose and is perfect for small curtain for a neat look. Tassel tieback develops the decor of the room. Tassel is offered with dimension 9"long and the increase is 37". Manufactured in newest design and style the range gives grace look...

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Decorative Shelves

We bring forward a beautiful variety of decorative shelves to store useful and small items in a rather, fashionable manner. These shelves are artistically designed by our product designers using shaped iron, glass and steel to add stylishness to our interiors. Designed with the restrictions of space efficiency in mind and capably priced, these shelves are highly commanded by modern apartments across the Indian Subcontinent.

Modify your mixed media present with flexible wall shelves. Mix up and match reminders and let them take center stage with our floating wall-mounted shelf. All of our wood wall shelves present an over look, so you can add as various as you need. And take benefit of every square inch space with our corner shelves. Whether you need storage space in a stretched space or a centerpiece for your room, decorative shelves are a elegant design resolution.

Improve any room with a look that is model and permanent.  Let the decorative Shelf to be a smart and spacious addition to your furnishings. 

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Monday, 28 November 2011

Decorative Bowls

A large variety of plateful bowls which is made-up from better-quality raw material making them extremely hard-wearing. The complete choice of bowl can also be personalized as per our requirements.
Decorative Kitchen Bowls to be expected piece of any kitchen for varied traditions. The array of this range which contains of Regular Mixing Bowls, Deep Mixing Bowls, Euro Bowls, Storage Bowls etc. Due to accomplishment of ultimate quality raw material its captivating durability is sure. These things are available in different sizes and shapes as per customer requirements.
Decorative Euro Bowl is in huge demand because of its shiny outlook and strong configuration. It has high shine polishes on inside and top edge, bottom edge with a brushed end.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Sofa Design

Sofa sets are one of the main necessary furnishings of all in a living room. They play a very important role in set the general look and sense of a drawing room. Well moderated seating furniture, sofa sets go off to be a must had furnishing item for a home.
Add a touch of stylishness and luxury, they are cushioned with velvet or leather fabric and caked with smooth, shiny polish. Knock over them up with designer sofa wraps and even a normal looking sofa set would get an exceptional style of its individual. The styles, and therefore requirement, for furniture sofa sets have undergone a main, regular change over the years, mostly due to reduced space ease of use and a more adapted loom to interior decor.

Sofa sets serve as a beautiful improvement to the interior decor. An important and beautiful section of furniture, the living room sofa sets take you home, the complex carvings and country designs with matchless seating calm

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Table Lamp

Modern Table Lamp with hand over painting using time-honored designs used particularly for beautification. The designs used in paper Mach Natasha are very complex and their function requires a vast deal of ability and correctness. The models are dyed free hand.

This is the trendy and stylish table lamps, to improve the loveliness of the place where it will be reserved. These table lamps are charming adapted business present for the colleagues and friends is this pretty table lamp, which is intended in crowd of delightful look & intends.
Deliberate in a good-looking color combination, this table lamp put in dignity to the atmosphere.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Bedroom Designs

Of all the rooms in your house, your bedroom is the very last room you would visit before you give up work to take a good night sleep. Your bedroom it is that place where your body deceit in deep privacy as it unwinds and refreshes the lost liveliness for the day. Hence, it is the main to turn up with an unwinding frame of mind when conceptualizing bedroom intend decorating dreams, here are a few pictures with bedroom designs that will help you to formulate an idea of how you wish for fashion your bedroom.

If you are more of a simple, the simple bedroom space has a musical modularity and unites soft white walls and ceiling with multicolored wood furnishings and fittings for a enjoyably mixed artistic skill. If you love soft clarification and hate to give up time alone, this bedroom interior has a dazzling mixture of strategies from up lighting around the divan itself to wall sections that block shortest views and sunlight but let glow in just about them.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Wall Flower Stickers

Here is the choice of flower wall stickers. Flowers are all the time pleasant to have around, if they're dazzlingly colored or harmonized to your wall like gloominess. These flower stickers have many colors, but they're mostly unbiased colors. They will look good on the wall depends on the wall painting color.

These sticky labels look their finest on a identical background color. They have many models; you can still single out one of the label colors and categorize it into two shades lighter or gloomier. If you select the paint color, you can make a choice that's not in the stickers. On the right, the sticker consequence depends more on the background color. When preferring the paint colors, taken into account that there will be further of the wall color, than the sticky label color.
This most fairly statement is that the big, red and beautiful flower will look good on a white wall. It has a bit of fifties to felt about it, and in some way it looks totally feminine.
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Monday, 21 November 2011

Make Simple Flower Stand

This is very good-looking artificial but simple flower stand with flowers which is available with white color and looking very fine in solo stems. You may decorate it in the flower jar or you may decorate a few stems in one jar and go on others with other pots for carry on flowers in the different rooms. The each stems are of some inches long with number of flower in each stems. The flowers are present in different diameter. These flower stems are used the steel wire which could hold the flowers and also easy to mob it as you would like.

  • Creative Indoor flower stand
  • Creative style with high taste
  • Long-established decorative house gear
  • High quality collection of stems

  • Indoor flower stand with very simple model
  • Substance is fiber glass
  • Contemporary design and green
  • Special tulips design

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Windows Glass Painting

The designer should have taken into account the design, structure of the window, nature and size of the glass material and their own preferable technique for the glass painting. The picture which the designer is going to drawn is then divided into patchworks as a model for each small glass pieces. Each pieces of glass is preferred for desired color and cut to suite a section of the model.
Detail of face, hair and hands may be painted onto the inner part of the glass in the special glass paint that contain finely ground lead or copper filing, and the medium such as vinegar, wine. Now the art of painting details became vastly elaborate and that has reached its height in the 20th century.

Once the windows are cut and painted, those pieces are joined together to make the glass windows.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Carved wooden Doors

Carved wooden doors are a booming of the Indian culture. These kinds of defense doors resist the hardnosed weather conditions and are robust.
Words fail to explain the fine beauty of these wooden doors, which has so craftily decorated with various designs. After all, the first consciousness should be magic charming attaching. Go fine with mutually exterior and interior.
This is the high quality teak wood carved doors. This contains fine finished in rose wood varnish polish. This doors are to be had in a wide range modified designs and sizes. Their standard size is H-8' x W- 5'.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Kids Room Lighting

You will be always wants the best for your kid that may be the clothes, food, school or room. Purchasing furniture for the same is to be sure a very important part for you. Every child is gifted with special requirements.

Look for the bed which suits the color of your children room. If possible keep the colors light and dazzling. Keep in mind that indirectly by means of furnishing your kids room, you will open the new world for them. It is a medium to show the colors of the world in which they are going to expose their future. When you love your child, you will also love their room.


Curtains help to provide a soft warm environment as well as creating shade, pattern and consistency for your home interior decoration window behavior.
There are many preferences and choices of materials, paths, sticks, styles and banners for long curtains, that we habitually don’t know where you have to start looking to work it out which curtains best suit for  the windows in your home and this will become confusing repeatedly causing you to give up before you still get initiated.
Best to you first learn before you choose the curtains and pass up pricey curtain choice slip-up.

Other Curtain Designs 

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Cup and Saucer

The special range of Cup Saucers is designed with best creativity and combination of nice-looking colors. These sets are best for an energizing morning and evening tea. The attractive flowery and charming design makes our tea sets a perfect gift item. Manufactured with greatest perfection, the border and the edge of the sets are creatively designed to pass on the well-designed look.

Different sizes and shapes in saucer sets further improve their functionality and attraction. The range of Tea Cup Sets with cups and saucers, tea pot, milk jar and sugar bowl.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Candle Stand

  • Unusual and tree design
  • Robust metal construction with brown and green finish
  • Holds 2 candles in metal holders
  • Suitable for any corner

Add the beauty of candle power to your home with this handsome braze candle stand. The design features a curled leg stand, modulation scrolls and turned braze detailing.

Reserved and well-designed, this complicated candle stand holds up to three candles on the platforms of curved heights. The round base keeps the candle stand steady and adds strength.


The most important thing for the time keeper’s of your home is a clock. The home decorators of your home may thing differently to design their wall clocks. Now most of the people are using the traditional wall clock because they are more attractive than the model one with lot of attribute designs in it.

There are different kinds of wall clocks depends upon the materials in which they had made. The traditional clocks were mostly made by wooden materials. In case of modern, they can made with plastics, metals, wood or it may be anything.

With quartz movements the wall clocks are an creative update on the usual time piece, to make an up-to-date central point for your house. The modern wall clocks will be an attractive piece of furniture in any spot of your house. Functionally the clocks also make a great gift for any occasion. Make your home more fascinating with wall clocks.

Home Library Models

Starting from initial stage of home designing the home library was the thing that every respected man should have even if he doesn’t having the read habit. Nowadays many people are used to read books and library is the part of many homes. It’s hard to say that with how many books the library starts and almost everybody have at least some of the books. When you have several hundreds or even thousands book you obviously need a room for them. Here are some models for how to organize a practical home library at your home.

Those who enjoy reading probably have the collections of book at your home. In order to lay up all of them you need good shelving solutions and probably even you can make a home library. Such library can be considered as dedicated room that may be as the part of your living room.

This home library can be used for storing books or as a reading corner if you don’t have the reading room with comfortable seating and a good lighting system you can use it this way. If no then create adequate shelves for the books. In case you want more then, check out these beautiful examples.

Indian Carpets Model

Akbar has introduced the art of carpet weaving to India in 1500 A.D. Indian carpets are known for their high density of knots. Hand Knotted Carpets are a special and mostly wanted in the West. The Carpet Industries in India have been successful in introducing more models directly helping in the improvements of the developing sections of the society.
The Indian carpets are often known for their designs with work perfection. They had designed with the realistic attributes. The carpet industry in India is more in its northern region and the major centers are in Kashmir, Jaipur, Agra and Bhadohi.
The carpets are widely used for home furniture, and decoration. The special carpets have been woven for medical treatment, wedding ceremonies, birthday party, and prayer. Flat weaving is the basic weaving technique and generally cotton is the main weaving material which is mostly used.