Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Kitchen Trolleys

This kitchen blocks trolleys really has great functional design for modern kitchen furniture. This kitchen furniture intended as an island unit so both the cubbyhole and drawers are accessible from both sides. Accessories fitted contain a towel rail, a slide out plateful board, a large deep drawer with compartments, stacked drawers, a large cupboard and shelves.
The Trolley is a neat and condensed piece of furniture complete from solid, fully developed beech wood. One of its great benefits is its odd storage space for the small bottom area it takes up.
The good-looking wood grain combines with outstanding workmanship to make this the ideal addition to either a traditional or contemporary kitchen.

This kitchen trolley satisfies all your requirements providing extra bench exterior to cook on while creating more storage space, all in one thing. Use it to store fruit and vegetables from onions, potatoes or keep your dinner service and cookware expediently close at hand.
Use a cutting board to slice and chop meats and veggies saving you from continually running from side to side. Trolley is prepared from pine wood with chrome wire storage bins.
But it also has significant extra storage space.

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