Friday, 30 December 2011

Crib Dust Ruffle

Crib bedding sets come in a multiplicity of colors, but some hopeful parents may still want more options. If you want to modify your baby's crib bedding, select the fabric that you like best and stitch a crib dust ruffle instead of getting from one at the store. A crib dust ruffle avoids dust from getting beneath of the baby's bed, but it can also conceals the underneath of the crib, so you may use that area to store up your extra baby toys and further items of your baby.
Crib Dust Ruffle

Band of colors add the wonderful finishing touch to the baby's nursery on a crib ruffle that is simple to mix and match with the other bedding. Select from the variety of dust ruffles which are definite to add the finishing touch to the cribs. A lot ofDust Ruffle special colors in rock-solid, eyelet, or gingham is obtainable for normal, round, bassinet, convertible , drop side and portable cribs. It furthermore carries 100% cotton hypoallergenic dust ruffles for responsive baby skin.
A dust ruffle attracts the eye and takes top to bottom consistency to the nursery decor. It's as useful as it is decorative particularly while it hangs the entire way to the floor. It does actually help keep dust from underneath the crib, but it also permits for covert storage space. The crib came with a rolling storage drive, and the dust ruffle maintains it fashionably hidden from view. Dust ruffles look particularly cute with a gently gathered border.
Dust Ruffle Pattern

Gathering is quite simple to do. You can find an instruction for how to do this with a straight line stitch. If you want then you can also use a sewing machine connection called a Gathering foot.

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