Wednesday, 7 December 2011


Bright colander adjoins color and style to any kitchen.  Fun colanders are perfect for pulling or displaying fruit.  Enamel on steel with stainless edge and handles plated in chrome.
A colander is a bowl-shaped filter used in cooking to drain liquors from foods such as pasta. The colander was usually made of aluminum with a pattern of holes thumped all over the bowl. It marked two opposing wire grips at the lip for pick up. The colander is often made of plastic and does not require handles, but is otherwise unchanged. A colander also comes in handy for demanding canned vegetables before food preparation, or for cleaning uncooked legumes like pinto beans. Many people make use of a colander for preparing salads. Upon cleaning vegetables, toss them into a colander where they will carry on to drain while the rest of the elements are being prepared.
Metal colanders are in different sizes. They preferred for heat better than plastic ones, making some of the following suggestions possible. If the colander is plastic, you will absolutely want to maintain it away from the heat of the stove.
However your colander is metal or plastic set it in the sink when you pour something hot through it. Don’t try to grip the colander and pour hot things through it at the same time.
  • Wash down Fruit, vegetables, beats.  Just put the vegetable and fruits into the colander and wash in running water. Fruits and be carefully keep in a colander.
  • To prevent the oil from splashing while cooking, invert a metal colander above the pan and avoid a litter on the stove.
  • Aluminum colanders are usually favored to stream vegetables.
  • Colander uses are plentiful and it’s a must have in every kitchen

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