Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Fireplace Equipment - Fire Tongs

Fire tongs permit someone to lift up and shift hot pieces of fuel from one place of the fireplace to any more area. No issue whether the fuel is timber, coal or some other flammable thing, the tongs permit the piece to be moved securely. The motive that fuel wants to be moved roughly is to remain the heat identically and to permit the adding up of extra fuel.
Fire Tong Model

Fire Tongs were intended to give more grips with added chill out Fire Tongand a curved in surface within the jaw. They were initially designed to lift up flat stock such as horseshoes; on the other hand they are ahead recognition among blacksmiths. They are wonderful for hard to achieve areas and are fast to use. The handles are in a circle to flat with balls on the finishing.  Since the jaws are narrowed you can simply slide the tongs beneath the stock even as in the fire. With proper care we can get long lasting life for these fire tongs.
These tongs are completely hand twisted from solid square steel bar store and even the grave duty pin that permits the tongs to shift is hand-made.  The round area of the fireplace equipment tongs has a fairly accurate of about more than five inch diameter, but releases up to grip large logs.
Fire Tong Sample

Tongs which contain long arms ends in tiny flat round ends of tongs and are spin around close up to the handle, as in an ordinary fire-tongs, used for lifting up pieces of fuel and placing them on flames. The tongs are the mainly used cooking tool while grilling, as they offer a way to shift, turn and twist the food with fragile care.

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