Saturday, 7 January 2012

Cooking Equipment - Clay Pot

Clay Pot cooking equipment is a long-established and old system of cooking food in an unfixed clay pot which has been drenched in water to discharge steam while cooking. Clay pot has a lengthy history, dating back to very old times and has been used in more than a few cuisines in Europe and for the most part of Asia. It is a more likely way of cooking and more healthful.
Clay Pot
The desertion of water prevents on fire so long as the pot is not consent to heat in anticipation of its absolutely dry. Throughout this process, the food outwards its own juices which cannot get away till the pot shriveled. After it comes to a totally dry, the food is prepared and geared up to serve.
Clay Pot Cook
There is no oil required while cooking in a clay pot. The food contains less significant fats and worse in cholesterol, which are principally first-rate if you are a health buff person. Also,Clay Pot Design necessary nutrients are up hold within the food for the reason that it doesn't seep out through the water not like cooking in metal pots. So essentially, a clay pot gives much health improvement than today's cooking equipments.
On the other hand, clay pots needs longer cooking time but lesser oven hotness than contemporary cooking equipments, casserole or saucepans due to the vanished of heat to the fade away water. The continuous use of clay pot will make a dark and dappled manifestation on its body, captivating out its glazy impression of being.

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