Friday, 28 October 2011

The bamboo products for the ecological kitchen

When we think about the kitchen the first thing that comes to our mind is kitchenware like pans, mixing bowls, spoons, drink ware etc, but it is important to know that, Are they Eco-friendly? , Now we are going to see some Eco-friendly kitchenware, they are not only Eco-friendly but also having good outlook which was made by using the bamboo.
Bamboo plates

The fashionable kitchen goods are made very attentively with modernism and creativity. But in our collection you can see lively bowls made from bamboo strips and coconut shells. They are polished and made wash proof and come with various color range.
handmade kitchenware

We can carry that it to anywhere during our picnic and tour time which may made of natural bamboo fibers also, Because of that they are obviously weightless.
Bamboo bowls
Now I may think that you people also get interest towards the bamboo products and think how to collect such a handmade bamboo products.

Are they really awesome products?

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